Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Then and now

Ok, I'll post more on the VN process (and how we **MIGHT** have just shaved 4 months off our wait for CIS) later, but now, I'm backtracking to this weekend. As I mentioned, T and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (which was technically on Friday, but we spent all weekend celebrating by taking a small vacation). Here are some pictures from "then" and from "now". Enjoy!

  1. Then - Cutting the Cake
  2. Then - One of my favorite pictures from the wedding: me and my Grandfather (who passed away not long after this picture was taken).
  3. Now - Before going out to dinner on Friday
  4. Now - Tod at the Soda Shop (we had Coke floats and played some cards)
(I can't imagine you'd want to, but click on photo to see a larger version).

1 comment:

Bosley said...

How sweet! Can I just say how much you and Tod remind me of DH and myself? Both in your different styles and features. Crazy! No wonder we understand each other so well :)