Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back at it

It's amazing what a little good news will do! I'm feeling human and more like myself today, partly b/c we had such good news yesterday (wheew!) and partly b/c we had a nice adult dinner with friends last night... um, let me rephrase that, as it sounds as though there was some nudity and possibly some naughtiness involved along with the food... no, just 2 professional couples out to a nice meal with intelligent conversation. Don't get me wrong, we have wonderful meals with wonderful people often, but they usually involve lots of alcohol, bawdy behavior, and foul language (my favorite kind)! Last night was a "real" out on the town sort of evening. Tod and I don't tend to spend that kind of money on meals (or anything for that matter, other than the adoption stuff!!), so it was nice to go to a nice place with friends and just chat.

Ironically enough, I've wanted to get out more with friends and just with Tod too, to meals, dinner, a bar, etc. BEFORE we become parents to a new baby! However, with the adoption costs what they are (well, what the TWO adoptions have cost!), we've been pretty cash-poor of late.

Anyway, I'm back. I should be up and blogging about the mundane, the insane, and the lack of rain real soon.

What's coming up next? my rant about agencies that can't bother to answer emails asking for information...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad things look so much better than initially expected! I haven't forgotten about you. I was waiting for news on Tod before sending the August gift. I didn't want to send a simple baby gift if the news warranted something more personal and significant. Since the news is good (whew!!), more baby stuff is coming your way! :)


Nesha said...

Kelly, YOU ROCK. you are so sweet to have thought of us!! Thanks very very much!! ~Nesha