Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Great News!! (UPDATED)

We're doing great. The appointment went really well. I'll post more later, but for now; Tod's NOT worse (we were afraid he was), there IS a murmur, but it's not to the point that the doc is worried about it now that he's seen the echocardiogram. We've been told to come back in one year. YIPPY!!

Ok, here's what happened: Tod's cardiologist picked up on Tod's murmur at his last (recent) appointment, and was afraid it was worsening, rather than better (which was of course, the point of surgery!! to make it BETTER!). Dr. Jimmy wanted to be extra careful that things weren't taking a nose-dive so he ordered more tests. Yesterday were those tests. He looked at the results, and bada-bing, things are not worsening at all. They are "staying the course".

The bright side, no surgery on the near horizon! Tod won't miss the trip to pick up Baby V. We WILL get to spend a week on vacation in New Orleans this November...

on the down side, it is likely he will have surgery again in the not too distant future. BUT by then, we'll have OLDER kids, not babies, and we'll have some time to prepare both emotionally, physically, and financially! Plus, Baby Magic and Baby V's Grand Big Mamma is now retired, so SHE can take care of the little ones!! ;->


Kat & Chris said...


BMA said...

GRAND big mama...I think I like the sound of that, especially the "GRAND". Any way, so pleased Tod's news is good and that the Big Easy looms large on your fall schedule.

Next step: Viet Nam.
Keep up the good work!

Bridget said...

Yay, I am so glad that the news was good, and not BAD like it at first sounded. Why do they DO that to us?

Kat & Chris said...

oh, i'm so happy for tod - and for you - and for your mom - terrific news all around!!!