Thursday, August 23, 2007

still here

We're still here... and all in all, we're doing ok. We had a minute amount of good news on the VN adoption front: our referral time line has gotten shorter - whooo hooo! More on this when I know more!! Also, we have just had our house photographed for a Raleigh Home Tour happening in September. Crazy! It looked fabulous for like a whole day!!! The pics are for the brochure the committee puts together before the tour, and entices people to come by. We are expecting anywhere from 200-250 people to traipse through our house. I'll take some photos of the house insides when the time rolls around. We did a "dry run" yesterday (before the photographer came), and the place looked beautiful. My new orchid in the living room didn't hurt either. ;->

Tod's doing pretty well, all things considered. He was in mourning for about a week after his last appointment, but is doing better now. We just need to survive until Wednesday (our appointment is at 4:00, BTW. I'll try to post that evening on how it goes). After Wednesday, well, life will go on. As my wonderful boss said to me the other day "life is just a shit sandwich". Indeed. I just keep trying to focus on the positive. The new baby on the way. Baby Magic, who is somewhere over the rainbow (in a bloody-minded communist country)...

I try to remember to just breathe.

Ok, this is me.

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