Tuesday, September 04, 2007

DTV - 1 month down

Ok, anniversary number 1 with Vietnam. One month down. We still have no more info than we did before on our wait times. Our agency (who FINALLY got back to me after 3 months) told me today to expect our wait "for referral 3-6 months, and 4-5 months to travel". It seems every time we hear something the time lines have changed. I'm so damn tired of being behind. Of not knowing. Of being childless. Of asking WHEN... While the wait for Baby V has only been one month, it feels like it's been years, well, b/c we quite literally HAVE been waiting years. Just not for Baby V, but for Baby Magic. So the wait feels compounded.

Do I sound like I'm whining? Damn skippy. Do I have every right to do so (as it's my blog)? Damn right.

Do I need more sleep? No doubt.

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Jenny said...

So you don't get too frustrated, timeline in VN are changing every day. With every agency. Things come in big waves usually. So, 3-5 is probably about right!

Good luck and waiting blows! complain away!