Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ok, last call, people

I need advice on baby "stuff". I know I've asked before, and gotten a few responses, but this time I need some specific advice. A wonderful friend of mine has offered to throw me a baby shower (I was *almost* struck dumb! I couldn't believe how thoughtful it was and how it meant to me that she offered to do this!!), so she suggested I actually REGISTER! Good advice, but frankly, I don't have a clue about some things!! It'll be WAY easier after we get our referral (fingers crossed that it's soon!) to register for clothes and that sort of thing, but I got stuck on how many BOTTLES there are out there and which ones are good (like I have a clue!!). I think I managed to get like 8 things on there...not too bad, but I am still ... well, unsure. I think my closets are beginning to look like I have a few necessary items (hey, bibs I've got!), but I think now I need to get into the nitty gritty. Like bottles and diapers. Not fun, but will definitely be necessary. So any moms out there, ESPECIALLY parents of children from Vietnam PLEASE put your thoughts down under comments!!! I'm begging and it ain't pretty.

I DID take a Baby 101 class over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, and informative. The mother teaching it was not only a mother of 5 kids (with one on the way!), but one little girl adopted from China. She was able to speak to a few issues APs tend to face more often than bio-parents (like night terrors which can happen in any child, but are more common in a-kids). She covered feeding, diapering, attachment and bonding, carriers, wipes, etc. but she didn't go into specific detail about any single item (well, she did about a few things, but that's not what I need help on obviously!). Want to know a sad secret? I took 6 pages of notes on what she said. The way I figured it, as a parent of 5 kids, she knows what she's talking about!! I also liked her and felt that we agreed on some of the "big" concepts, so I think the advice she gave is good. (as a minor disclaimer - which I am adding as I just got unfairly attacked on someone else's blog so I'm a little sensitive - I KNOW every parent has to make their own way. blah blah blah. Sure, but for those of us who don't have a clue, it feels good to at least have something to start with.)

I've been very fortunate to have a precious few friends lately with little people, including my uber cool SP, and I love getting advice from them on baby "stuff". So, remember, keep the advice coming, and Brooke, I am still counting on YOU the day I receive my referral to take me by the hand and help me collect some other necessary (and cute!!) items.

Ok, I should probably stop baby-obsessing and get back to work... (even though my peanut-to-be is WAY more fun to think about than my dissertation peanuts ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!)

as a teaser for the days to come... My husband has been taken over by tree-huggers and has become a raw-foodist. Yeah, weird. More to come!!!!


BMA said...

OK, so you've already acquired more "stuff" than 3 ordinary moms/babies need, and you are worried about what else you need!? What you need is...a BABY. THen, all of a sudden you will understand that all those items are really superfluous; All you really need is a huge helping of LOVE, your wits, and a strong creative streak. All of which you possess. Oh, and the ability to function with little or no sleep for years on end. Stress not about more stuff. RELAX and get ready to watch your life turn upside down and inside out. And you don't need any more STUFF to accomplish that!! Just that babe.
For my part, I intend to focus on providing...well, you'll just have to wait to find out...!!

Heather C. said...

Playtex drop-ins or throw-away liners are great bottles. I think 90% of parents who adopt from Vietnam use them. I took a variety of nipples but mine and 10 other kids from different orphanages all prefered the clear hard fast flow rounded nipples. None of the babies liked the brown nipples because they are too soft or had blunt nipples. Oh and don't buy the clear nipples for I think 0-6 mos. age range because they are too soft. We have a ton of bottles but we only really needed 2 8oz bottles, and I have 2 4oz bottles. That way when one is dirty, the other is clean.

Kudo said...

I just can't stop cracking up. I too need to make a regestry and don't know where to start but bma is so right what we need is are babes. What is it with all this STUFF..... All I want a hug.

S. said...

Bumbo seat...no clue about bottles. We will probably do the drop-ins.