Sunday, September 09, 2007

OMG - Guess what!??

Ok, so, I've been out of town the last few days visiting fam in D.C. LONG trip, but a good one. That's not what's important. Check this out, and then forget I mentioned anything. On the train on Thursday, we got a call from our agency director. She was calling to make sure we had all our CIS paperwork in good shape. Because, she said "Things are moving fast". She wanted to make sure everything was good through at least October. She said "don't quote me, but you should have your referral in the next 2-3 months". HAPPY HAPPY!!

Now, with that, I promptly went out and started buying baby "stuff"!! I bought this changing table (although it's not shown, this also has an addition to the top that converts it to a book-shelf above, which I also got). Also, while we were at the place buying the changing table, the Soon-To-Be- Grumpa John (that's Tod's Dad, BTW, not Grampa, but Grumpa), bought this cool dragon. Isn't it CUTE?!

We also happened to be picking up some other stuff, including a bunch of my husband's baby books, and a few adorable little items of clothing (including a now-retro bellbottom-onsie! I kid you not!!).

A dear friend is giving us a crib, and my thoughtful bro gave us a stroller/carseat thingy last year, so we're STARTING to look good in the "stuff" department. Now I just need the misc. items like bottles, etc. Oh, and clothes for boys. I have a TON of adorable girls clothes, but I'm positive we'll be getting a little fellow, so I need to do some shopping - but I am going to wait a few months until the referral comes before I do any clothes shopping. Then, watch my dust!


amy said...

How exciting.I love to hear about shoppping trips..Keep posting!

Jenny said...

WOW!!! So happy. Can't wait for anther local referral!