Thursday, September 13, 2007

Picture P-rade

I've seen others do this on their blog, and well, either I whine about wait times (I hear that wait times are increasing for EVERYONE in EVERY program), or I focus on the positive. So, whining it is. HA HA, JK. I'm focusing on the positive. I've been happily collecting some baby "stuff" over the last few weeks. Well, much of it has come from my Secret Pal, (as you will see in my pictures, Kelly)! The rest I've been buying piece-meal totally on sale (as in 1.78$ per item of clothing!!) at Target every time I go.

So, for something fun, I thought I'd take a picture of Baby M's closet {that she's sharing with her big brother (?)}. Right now, I have all my baby stuff together since we still don't know if we're getting a boy or girl from VN (95% sure it'll be a boy, tho'). Here's the closet and the dresser for the kids:

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