Friday, September 28, 2007


I am so happy that it's FINALLY FRIDAY!! I have an amazingly LONG few weeks coming up, and I hope to spend a lot of time this weekend relaxing!! So, this weekend I'm going to a native plant sale Saturday morning, then the NC State game*. Saturday night after I get home for the game I have to help Uncle Phil get ready for a ... (wait for it) ... DATE!! (More on this later). Then Sunday is Meeting** , and nothing. No plans what-so-ever. I HOPE to spend it sewing. I have a wedding next weekend for a friend***, then the day after I get back from the wedding, I leave for Germany for a week. UG. I'm looking forward to the trip *mostly* but it is a WORK trip, and low-and-behold I am actually EXPECTED to work! The nerve of these people. (wink).

Anyway, I mentioned before my husband is a pod-person. Briefly, he's doing Yoga Teacher Training (which is awesome), but man are those people he is going to school with an odd bunch. He's sort of like a born-again, but a born-again yogi. He's in class every other week every day/night except Tuesday and Thursday. It's sort of like a cult, too. He's changed his eating habits, his "outlook on life"... don't get me wrong, it's good for him, but it is a lot like a spiritual cult.

Anyway, I need to get back to work. See y'all later this weekend.

*Yeah, State sucks this year, but hey, the tix were FREE, people!
**that's church to all you non-Quaker people out there
*** Said friends' quilt is what I'm sewing on this Sunday...actually just STARTED it yesterday...I'm only about a YEAR behind.

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