Sunday, October 14, 2007

want to see pictures? Read below:

I'm back. Can I just say, my trip to Germany was spent in meetings, sneaking peaks at my baby boy, and sleeping...oh, and sneaking peaks at my baby boy. ;->

I'm in such a happy fog right now, I can't believe it. I never EVER thought it possibly that someone could see a picture and truly fall in love. I've heard it happen over and over, but honestly, I was always skeptical... No more. I have 3 (yes, three!!) pictures of Baby V, and I know EVERY picture inside and out. I know his eyes, his hands, his chubby little cheeks... his HAIR!! And I love each and every piece of him. My heart aches to hold his chunky little person in my arms. I am SO absolutely IN LOVE! You will fall for him too! I promise.

Ok, so I'd love to share pictures with my bloggy friends out there, and I thought of a way to do it so that I can honor my agency's request to keep them "sort of private" and still share my pictures with you. So, what I'm doing is setting up a private (and separate) blog this week so that you can email me with your e-address, and I'll send the blog URL to you individually. Just tell me who you are, do I "know" you, and list your blog address if you have one.

On that blog will be the baby's pictures, and some more info (like his name). I'll leave it up for about a week, and then delete it. I'm totally paranoid about giving too much info, so I think this is a good way to do it.

Sound good? There are some very special folks who read my blog (ok, y'all are ALL special, right?), and I think this is a good way to share his pictures without me worrying that everyone and their neighbor could read the stuff I'd rather only y'all knew. So, my personal email is on this post (look under the comments sections), so you can write me with the info. I'll probably put the blog up on Thursday, and take it down the following Monday.

BTW - I travel with tons of pictures, so if you know me, let's grab a coffee sometime and I'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know, oh, and of course, show you my pictures!!!!


Nesha said...

NeshaRoo7602 @

Send me an email with your specifics, and I'll put you on my list!! If you haven't heard from my by Friday afternoon, send me another one, or leave me a comment!! ~Nesh

Jenny said...

ME please.

bringmemia @ yahoo Dot com.

Please please please. I am dying over here!
Conor is soo excited to have a boy coming soon.

Dawn said...

I will email you.
I have been following your blog.