Monday, November 19, 2007

Going Down Under, Mates

Just received this today:

I would now on behalf of the AGCSA like to invite you to speak at the 24th Australian Turfgrass Conference to be held in Melbourne from Monday 21 July to Friday 25 July 2008.

This is a major turf-conference in Australia next summer. My boss at Bayer suggested my name a the key speaker at this conference. It's been in the works for a while, but we hadn't worked out all the details until now. My expenses will all be paid, plus they are paying me to speak (a few grand, actually). I guess I better start buying a few new business suits, so I can look the part!!

Woo-hoo!!! Australia, here I come!


Kathryn said...

Whoa!! Congratulations!!!!! Very cool.

BMA said...

You are SO in demand. But to balance this all with motherhood will not be easy. But've always been up to new challenges! Congratulations. You are awesome.

Bridget said...

That is so awesome! What a neat chance. You must be setting some jet-setting records here for a year in the life of Nesh. Germany, Vietnam, Australia . . plus California, Alabama etc!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Did I hear right? First of all... I just stumbled across your site... nice to meet you and second of all... G'DAY MATE!!!! Well, we don't actually say that all the time... yep, I am a true blue Aussie but living here in Florida... I will be heading back to Australia in January and am really looking forward to seeing the family again. Though, I am from 90min north of Sydney... What exactly are you going there for? Just curious.. you don't have to tell me... nice to meet you... look forward to seeing what you think about Australia