Thursday, November 29, 2007

holiday times

I did it. I ordered specialty Christmas/Holiday cards!! I am SOOOO excited to actually have a baby picture to put on our family card this year! For the past few years, I've done a family/friends holiday letter. I may do one again this year too, I'm not sure. I have much going on, I might just send the cards. But this year, we've had our biggest news yet! We've moved into a new beautiful house, we've gotten our referral, Tod DIDn't have heart surgery... it's been a fantastic year, but I don't think I have the energy it takes to write the letter, comb through my address book, etc. etc. etc. So, I think it's a fair trade off. I DON'T send a holiday letter, but everyone gets a picture of my baby boy! The cards are lovely, and I'll post a picture as soon as I get them in. Some of you out there are even on the list, so you'll get one in person!!

Sunday, Tod and I are putting up our tree, and I am almost 100% done with my shopping...not too bad. Last Christmas was insane with the selling and buying of a new house, plus all the family visits, etc. I don't even REMEMBER having a tree up, although I know we did. And EVERYTHING came down on the 26th 'cause we had less than 2 weeks to move at that point. This year I plan to relax. I plan to enjoy myself!

You know, I started this post with the intention of bitching about my monster-in-law (another post for another day, I guess), but somehow it turned into a nice post... good for me. I still have to post about my MIL, and how awful she's been about our adoption and referral. Do you think there's a support group for adopters who's families aren't supportive? Or just totally suck? I guess in our case it's just the MIL who isn't supportive, and totally sucks... we're fortunate, I guess. The rest of our family is excited, supportive, and well, REALLY REALLY happy. What I struggle with is, however, how to deal with an awful, selfish, and bratty MIL. Actually, I don't struggle with that. I know how to deal with her. What I struggle with is how to deal with her bing like that after we bring The Minute home... I don't want someone like that anywhere NEAR my child. Is that unfair to Minute? To my DH? Anyway, I said I wasn't going to post on this now. I'll post on it later. AFTER I put up shower pictures, tho'!

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