Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm alive...barely

I'm still here. I owe like 1000 people emails, phone calls, etc. I am so totally swamped right now, that you will have to forgive me. I've been sick. Oh, and my insomnia is back full force. So that makes me sick AND tired. I've been spending hours at work on weekends. I haven't seen my house by daylight in 3 days. I haven't spoken actual words in a sentence to my husband in like, 3 weeks. Work is absolutely consuming me right now. I have taken some time to go out and have some fun, but MAN does that take a toll too!! Being sick, tired, AND hung-over is NOT helping me get through my day...

I had a great thanksgiving. We had 8 people over to the house. It was a great time. My brother and sister in-law-came. That was great. But we also had company the previous week (note to self: put up baby shower pix), and THAT was also wonderful, BUT, I want my house back. I want to sleep. I want to stop coming into the office and having my BOSS say "you look like shit. You must not feel well..." He's right damn it, but I don't need him to effing point it out to me!!!!

Anyway, I'm surviving. One day at a time.

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