Thursday, November 08, 2007

VN update...sort of

Our program director is back in the States... Due to technical difficulties on their end, we don't have any news or pix of the Minute Man, but hope to soon. What they did say (in a very general email) was:

...all of the children in our program are well and
thriving and are the most beautiful children in all of Vietnam. Those of you
who have been matched with children will receive pictures soon but please be
patient as we have had some technical difficulties with equipment. Blame
American Airlines for postponing our arrival in Vietnam for three
days and our luggage for five days. We shot video on a borrowed camera but
cannot transfer it to our computers so we will have to wait for the family
to return with the program we need to install. We had to borrow cameras for
still pictures also and are just sorting out which pictures came from what

There is also some sketchy news on the I600 debacle, but again, very little ACTUAL info in the recent email. I hope to hear more soon...Of course I'll post pictures to the "other blog" when I get them; but I'll let you know first.

On another note, we fly back tomorrow... a good week, but I wish I were flying home today. I'm ready to see my puppies, Uncle Phil, and my bed, and not necessarily in that order.


BMA said...

CHUNKY, indeed! Might he be aiming for a career as a sumo wrestler? I can't wait to plant a big, fat wet one on his pudgy cheeks! Wish he was here.

Andrea said...

Out surfing VN blogs tonight and came across yours for the first time. I recognized the email snippet you posted - we share the same agency. Just received an updated photo too. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting to travel. Will keep checking in on your progress. Are you on the yahoo group? Maybe see you over there, too.