Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why oh why...

did I think, at 31, that I could play the DRINKING games I used to play when I was 21???

Ok, some history:
So, back in the day, I went to France to hang-out with my BFF, and lick my very raw wounds from being dumped by my then (ex)fiancee. It was one of those "best times of my life" events in my life, and a LOT of it was spent playing drinking games...One of our favorite movies at the time was Tombstone (for those of you not in the know, it's the story of Wyatt Earp and his crew). We used to drink every time someone would say WYATT on the movie...back then it was fun. Back then, I had very good-looking 20-something year old guys to make sure I got to ... bed safely...

Jump to last night: Phil and I were home alone (Tod was at yogi training) and decided to bring out Tombstone...and the beer. Ok, so, I AM NOT 21 ANYMORE!!!

BTW - would someone turn out the sun, just for today???

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carrie said...

Hi, just wondering which orphanage your little man is from. My best friend and I are traveling to Go Vap to pick up her baby girl anytime between dec (a dream)-feb (may be more realistic). The I600 change may have some effect on her g&r date. Let me know if that is your orpanage. We may be traveling at the same time! Thanks and Congrats, Carrie