Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blog Stalking

Ok, so I'm at it again... stalking blogs in search of comfort, info, who-knows-what... I keep reading about other families who are waiting (they have referrals but no travel date yet), like us, that is. They are all about the "i-600" approval. I am SOOOOO clueless, folks. I know next to NOTHING about this process now that I have a baby. I am like on cloud nine and can't STAND the "what ifs", so I have remained blissfully ignorant of the process here on out. However, tonight, while I sit and think about my son turning 6 months old tomorrow, I am STARTING TO GET ANTSY! So, I followed a few posts and came up with this:

The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Service) and the US Department of State have announced that procedures for submitting the I600 Petition will be changed effective Monday October 29th. The changes will have adoptive parents receive their referral and then mail in their I600 to Viet Nam where is will take approximately sixty days to process the petition.

Details about the change:

~The length of time between referral and travel will likely increase because families will need USCIS approval before they can travel.

This is why we are still waiting, in case you are wondering. We have already turned our new I-600 in (the first or second week in November, actually), so I really expect to hear something soon... I think I'll start a campaign to my agency to get a little more aggressive with finding out where we are in the process, etc. etc. Other people seem to know exactly where they are in the wait, but I remain mercifully, and now obnoxiously, clueless!! Time for me to find out some more info...


BMA said...

At this point in your journey, I'd think the waiting is harder than ever.
Stay busy. Exercise your arms!

Karey said...

You should almost hit your 60 days! Maybe you'll get a call later this week. I'm hoping for a very quick 2008 "Biggest Surprise Ever" for you!!!