Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's going to be a glorious day

Wow. Christmas and all is over (I had a v nice one, BTW. Home was everything it should be this year). January is coming right up. January. The best January on record, IMHO. In October we were told we SHOULD travel in January (possibly February), to pick up Minute... And I have never been more ready for anything in my entire life. My holiday was so Minh-centric, the family is SOOOO excited (with one notable exception), we are ready for him (other than I still need a crib...). I have clothes, shoes, toys, a diaper service, a changing table, a dresser FILLED with STUFF... Now all I need is my baby boy.

That said, Y'all will be the third to know when we finally "get the call". My Mom will be #1, Aunty Nikki will be #2... Then, I'll post it LOUD AND CLEAR right here. I imagine it will be followed by many frantic "WTF?" and "Now what the hell do I pack?" posts. And I can not WAIT!!!!

We got more pictures and an update on Minute yesterday, also. I'm not posting pictures yet, but will later, on the other site. They are fuzzy, and not very good, but I don't even care!! They are still cute. My heart breaks seeing him grow up in pictures, but I KNOW, I just KNOW I'll meet him royal chubbiness soon. Until then... I have a nursery to finish!!!!

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