Thursday, January 24, 2008

so what does that mean, exactly?

So, once we get CIS (formerly INS) approval, we are cleared for travel. Recent changes in the process has caused a back-log, but the first few travel approvals were coming out and folks were traveling 2-3 weeks later. HOWEVER, some people have been waiting the full 60 days to get their travel approval once they receive the I600 paperwork... So, what does this tell us? Pretty much nothing, OTHER THAN once we receive our official I600 paperwork (should be next week sometime), we will wait no LONGER than 60 days to travel, but as few as say 2-3 weeks. I'm NOT anticipating a speedy travel for any reason other than NOTHING has gone quickly for us (other than our referral!!), so I expect to travel in March. We SHOULD know more next week. When I know it, y'all will know it. TRUST ME!!!

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damidnara said...

Hey Nesha,

I found your blog and I wanted to say a little "howdy". I know it's been years since you've heard from me but with our 10 yr reunion coming up I was getting nostalgic. I have enjoyed your adoption story and think it's fanstastic that you're doing it!