Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday - Finally

Folks, pretty lame around here lately. Not much to report positive, so I haven't been reporting anything. Tomorrow my son turns 8 months old...and I haven't seen pictures wince he was 6 months old. I was promised pictures next week. I am prepared to not even recognize the Minute. Some days I look at his 5 and 6 mo pix and can't tell it's my kid. He seems to be growing SO fast. He used to be chubby, now he's tall and thin. I just hope he still has his 2 dimples on those cheeks. I'm also almost to the point when I clean out the closet AGAIN. I had clothes from 3-6 mo; now they are packed up. I think this weekend I might begin packing up the 6-9 mo. stuff. At least the winter clothes. Even if we get him next month he likely won't need many uber warm clothes (seriously, it'll be 60 F here this weekend). I never did buy him a winter jacket 'cause I thought that could wait until he came back, but it doesn't look like he'll need one now, so hey, saved some money... heh.

Good news, kind of, is I'm STAYING HOME this weekend. After traveling 2 weekends in a row, I'm ready to bundle up and lay on my couch with the puppies for a few (hundred) hours this weekend. I do have 2 outings planned ; one to go plant shopping with a friend, and one coffee date - I hope. I am in need for some serious girl-time, as well as some serious staying-home-and- catching-up-time.

Maybe I'll take some pictures around the place. Spring has sprung and all my daffies are up, and my camillia is in full bloom... more later.

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The Gregs said...

I hope you had a great "at home" weekend, and I hope we hear lots of good news this week.