Sunday, February 10, 2008

more from Friday - and thank you

First off, THANK YOU to those of you who have called me with your support and/or emailed/commented voicing support. At this point, it is SO incredibly good to hear from y'all, you just can't know. So, THANK YOU!!

Secondly, here's a little more from my agency's call last friday (and this is supposed to be "confidential", so please don't copy/spread/share this info, ok?):

¨ 12 families are currently past 60 days; we do not know how many families are in this process total (from all agencies)

¨ Our current thinking is that a change must come from a political force; families are encouraged to write their local Congress and Senate representatives to ask that they become involved in re-vamping the way CIS is currently handling the Orphans First Procedure

So if I don't want you to copy this, why am I putting it here? Well, I am encouraging ANYONE in the process or any one who has friends and family in this process to go make some phone calls. Or email your congressperson. I plan to - first thing tomorrow - call both my senators' offices and start crying ON THE SPOT. And I will continue to call until I feel that something is being done. I won't mention that I need my case moved along any faster than anyone else's (although of course I WANT Minute home, but this is bigger than that), but will simply mention that I am a mother to a son who is laying in a crib ALONE in an orphanage while CIS sits on their f-ing butts and plays stupid politics, and the other 300 cases pending travel approval in Vietnam.

Hello, CIS! WAKE THE F- UP! since when is politics more important than the 300 plus babies that need a mother (father/brother/sister/grandson, etc) RIGHT NOW? As if this process weren't painful enough already...

Am thinking some BIG thoughts these days... more on this soon.


Jenny said...

is your congressman Miller? Call his office. He helped us, his office manager did anyway, when we were caught up in VN in country. They were quite thorough and were in contact with us several times while there.


Michelle said...

You're not the only one - check out

Karey said...

Hey there! Please email me ( is willing to advocate for those of us over 60 days...