Monday, February 25, 2008

more paperwork

if you can believe it, we actually have to fill out more paperwork (or rather the SAME paperwork I've filled out FOUR times already), AGAIN. Apparently the old paperwork needs a new date on it... yeah. That's right. Everything is being held up because my signature was from NOVEMBER, and CIS wants it to be from FEBRUARY... Seriously, people. WTF?


Anonymous said...

Let's try to view this as "progress".

B said...

This is the first time I have heard a story that resembles what we are being told...that documents have to be current. For me they are saying current at time of referral. Hopefully that means a referral will come some day soon?

Sending thoughts of speedy document filing your way!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully that means they will process your application faster...fingers crossed for you!

Our babies are about the same size!! We got pics, too but they are a bit blurry. We've got active boys it appears :)

Hang in there.