Saturday, February 02, 2008

So, back from sunny FL

I've been out of town for a week. A GREAT week, actually. Did a LOT of networking, lots of play, and even a little work. Did my first "power dinner" - get this - at a HIGH END steak place! dudes, there was nothing, and I mean NOTHING on the menu I could eat - and met with the golf course design group at the Palmer home course (Bay Hill). We had a working lunch in the club house - a TOTALLY new experience for me. Needless to say, a small town WV-borne-and-bread farm girl doesn't take in a lot of country club lunches. Anyway, it was a total experience and a LOT of fun, surprisingly enough. At least I had the proper attire, for once. I've got some pix, if I remember, I'll even post a few. (note to self, I also need to post nursery pix, as I have a few of those too!!). Anyway, all in all, a good week, but I am glad to be back home!

Now for a totally different topic: to answer a few questions about my last post. Yes, our FINAL wait has begun in earnest. We SHOULD not have to wait longer than 60 days to get our travel approval, and GOOD NEWS - once we get the approval, we can book our tix immediately. Everything else is good to go on the other end. At least THAT is something! oh, and to answer the question, what if you don't have your first referral email? No worries, our agency sent me a fresh copy to forward JUST IN CASE!! (I did indeed have it, but still good to know they were on it!).

Wow. what a long painful trip this has been. However, I am staying positive, and trying not to get too upset that my son just turned 7 months old without me.... most days I do fine. We actually got an interesting letter from our agency (every VN family got it) about how uncool it is to travel before your official travel approval comes in, and how calling the CIS office is a huge pain in their ass, and backs up the paperwork even don't do it. That kind of thing. Interestingly enough, while EVERYONE and their second cousin-once-removed has asked me "why don't you just go over there and get him?" it has never occurred to me to try to do anything out of turn. There are SO MANY families trying to travel and adopt children/babies, that families who do things out of turn seem really rude. We're all in it with the same goal in mind, and we all have to literally wait our turn. I really feel badly for families who have been waiting for months and months (like 7!!) to travel, while other families may have gotten to travel sooner if they weren't actually following rules...anyway, my point is I am going to do this the CORRECT and OFFICIAL way, so if you see me, PLEASE don't ask me why we haven't "just gone over there and gotten him yet?". The answer is I don't want anything to go wrong, and once he's mine, I don't ever want there to be any question about the legality or anything.

And finally, a special thanks for the packages I've been receiving. My Mom sent a great gift for the Minute, KP and Miss B sent a great package - with some uber cute stuff for the Minute and fun stuff for Minute's Mom!!, and Miss Nikki sent the CUTEST stuff for Minute and a dress for Magic (unless she thinks Minh might LIKE pink, in which case, the dress is for the Minute. hee hee).

If I owe you a card/call/package/etc. please do not think I've forgotten you...even if I have (kidding!!! I totally haven't!!). I'm so wrapped up in work, and trying to do the last minute things before we travel that I just havn't been on top of the stuff I am usually on top of. So, you might get that birthday card in June...even if you have a January Birthday (sorry Jen. Yours might get there sooner....maybe by March!!)...but I haven't forgotten you.

It's just now getting good, folks. Hang in there!!!


Heather & Keira said...

Did you get our package that we sent? Just want to make sure it arrived ok.

uberbilly said...

hey...where are the florida pics??