Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Take me home, Country Roads

I'm going to shake off the adoption blues by heading for the hills. I'm taking my 2 big dogs, some mud boots, and my computer, and heading to my folks' place for some good ol' fashioned mud/farm therapy. See y'all on the flip side.

As a quick note, we get to send a small package of stuff to the Minute via our agency director next week!! We're also due more pictures AND video!! We're dropping the package off tomorrow in person (it's nice to have our agency just up the road!), on the way to the farm.


The Gregs said...

Have a great trip. I am sorry I wasn't more positive in my last comment. We will all have our children home soon. :)

Nesha said...

Oh, Hon. No worries!!! You don't have to be anything else other than who you are and what you feel. We ALL hate the wait. We ALL get get depressed. Don't feel bad about a comment that isn't 100% positive. Trust me, I understand how you feel!! ;->