Wednesday, March 19, 2008

6 TAs came in yesterday* updated

Our agency has been making waves. Since November, we'd only gotten 2 TAs. Yesterday (the day of the BIG MEETING with David Price, head of Homeland Security) suddenly our agency received 6 travel approvals. And before you ask, no, we weren't one of the families. At least one of the families that got their TA DID NOT get the letter we did, even though their child is from the same hospital. WTF?

But progress appears to be being made....S-L-O-W-L-Y.

*Also wanted to mention that we received information from our agency last night that they were forced to cut their staff back by over 50%. They are an agency that had programs in multiple countries, although Guatemala was their largest program. Now, with the uncertainty in the adoption world, smaller agencies are not only having to make cut-backs, but god-forbid, shutting their doors. It is a scary and very sad time in the adoption world right now.

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Jenny said...

crap, they are doing my post placement...I better send it in asap.

hoping for some sign of good news.