Friday, March 28, 2008

issues - computer related - and Friday miscellaneous

(Taz, in honor of my boss who called me into work on my day off)

this is my third post today. and no, i'm not up by three posts, I'm clearly down one. My computer AND blogger are giving my fits. I had to remove the election poll thingy, and will try to get the link back up if you are interested. It really was a cool poll.

I'm happy to report today WAS going to be a day off. Yes, that's right. OFF WORK, but I got called in by my boss (whom I lovingly call Taz after the loony tunes cartoon character) who cares not for days off. So, I hope to at least have 1/2 a day off as today is my massage and facial. Tomorrow is nails. Last night was shopping for new spring clothes... it's been good. I haven't done shopping if ANY KIND - aside from absolute the bare minimum grocery shopping - for literally 5 months. MY wardrobe is in desperate need of freshing up. And frankly, I could use some new shoes too, now that I'm thinking of it... One thing at a time. Oh, and next week I'm getting my hair done. Crazy! (Just for the record, I got a substantial - to me - bonus at work, so 1/2 the money is going to ME for ME stuff, and the other half is going to the Vietnam trip when-ever that is). Yay.

Ok, back to work.....happy Friday, people.

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James and Melissa said...

I am glad that you are doing stuff or you. I am trying to follow your lead as we wait for approval. This waiting is not fun so I will have to spoil myself a little bit.