Tuesday, April 08, 2008

No good news - big surprise.

So, our agency had another conference call the other day... basically it told us nothing new, and nothing that gives me any real hope. Things do seem to moving in a positive direction, but who knows how long things will continue to take. We now owe MORE money (a substantial amount, actually) to complete our adoption. "because it's taking so long" was the reason. Of course, there's more to it, but I can't go into details. And what else are we going to do other than pay up? Talk about having us by the throats... The Minute turned 9 months old the other day... I couldn't even blog about it. In fact, I am pretty much moving on with my life. I'm making more and more work plans. I'm NOT doing ANY sort of baby shopping, and need to get rid of all the 6-9 month clothes I have up in Minute's closet. I have virtually NO 9-12 month clothes, but hey, why spend the money now? When we get the TA, I'll call my good friend Brooke, and she and I will frantically buy 2 weeks worth of clothes to travel with. I can't stand the thought of getting anything else only to have to pack it back up.

I'm pretty low energy today, too. I've got "the crud". The flu has been going around, and it decided I was the perfect host this week. Fortunately, I am doing pretty well. Not sick enough to stay home from work, unfortunately, but too sick to feel like doing much. Oh well.

anyway, hope to give y'all some positive news soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath!


Richard, Kristi & Lilli Foster said...

Please keep faith, all things will work out.

Our thoughts are with you.

Richard, Kristi & Lilli Foster

Jill said...

Your post along with so many others makes my heart break. I know how hard it is to keep the faith and to pack away clothes.

Anonymous said...

What your agency is doing -- charging extra money because of the delays in VN -- sounds unethical. I'd question them about this heavily!