Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chickens and other misc. "stuff"

Well, the excitement in my life yesterday was my new flock of chickens. I've got pictures, and will post them later. Right now I'll just say I think they are a lot of fun, and I spent 3 hours outside with them yesterday evening (although we had a number of visitors checking the ladies out, so I wasn't just sitting there all alone!). Oh, and we already got our FIRST egg today !!
My dogs are fairly interested in them. Well, one couldn't care less. The other two can't decide if they are walking/talking food, or a really funny looking threat to my person. In fact, our little red dog kept going out last night to make sure they were still there...or to see if maybe they had "buggered off". Either way, she isn't sure what to think, but she's going to keep an eye on them regardless.

The adoption: Well, no news yet, but it's still a little early. I am trying to keep an ear out for families who are getting their TA's (from my "formerly-blocked" group, that is), but I'm generally the last to hear anything as I don't really follow any of the other families' blogs or anything. I've been so happily out of the loop recently. After being an AVID China forum and blog reader/stalker and having that fall apart I promised myself I'd be more laid back on this one. And for the most part I am . However, now I'd like to know WHEN OTHERS are getting TA's so I can anticipate when we might get ours (We've over 100 days now, I feel like we should be in the first group, but I'm not sure how many are in that first group, and we might just miss the cut-off). 22 families are supposed to be moving forward immediately, but CIS won't tell anyone who or when. surprise, surprise. The government NOT sharing information with it's people. Go figure. Anyway, I'm thinking that travel will be soon, and I'd like nothing more than to celebrate my birthday (the end of May) with a homecoming party for my little Minute!!

As I keep saying, I'll post as soon as I hear something. Fingers crossed that it is soon!!!!!

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BMA said...

The chicken coop looks quite spiffy. In a pinch it might do as the "mother-in-law" house.

WHAT AM I SAYING??? I AM the mother-in-law. oops.