Monday, May 12, 2008


OMG, OMG, OMG. We have been "unblocked".

Officially, the TuDu babies have been unblocked and some cases are MOVING ASAP. TA's should start coming immediately, AND, other cases that have waited over 60 days (um, that would include us since we are over 100 days now), should hear something very very soon.

All the letter writing and pressure on public and government officials have ACTUALLY been helping (THANK YOU to those of you who have written letters, and called your Senators, and helped by pestering representatives, senators, etc. ). FINALLY, something is happening.

When I hear something else, I'll post here. Trust me!!!!


Anonymous said...

First! i was here for it all. she even used my phone!

Uncle phil rules!

Jenny said...

HELL YA!!!!!! Come home minute, NOW!!!

Teary, teary with joy for you!

Bridget said...


Linda said...

Y'all are amateurs when it comes to being happy. This is MY GRANDSON we're talking about! I am SO going to spoil this kid.

Hurry home, Minh.

Rudy said...

Danesha! That's great news!

Mindy said...

Hurrah! I've been following for a while and really rooting for you all. This is WONDERFUL news!

wishing you the best,
(from EC)

AdoptFosterMom said...

WHOOHOO!! So glad you got some great news.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!! YEAH!! WOO HOO!!! YIPPY SKIPPY!! (now back to work...trying not to cry :)


Susan & Matt said...

Congratulations. Hope you head off soon. I noticed that another family was in Vietnam on Monday getting their little 8 mos old boy.


Dawn said...

That is fantastic!!! I hope the letter writing helps to remedy the many issue in VN adoptions so all of us can get our children home soon!

Lee (Zoe's Mom) said...

That is awesome!