Friday, May 30, 2008

Got new info on the Minute: He weighs 17 pounds, and is 28.3 inches tall.

No pictures, surprise surprise, but hopefully we'll get some soon. (It seems my son doesn't like to hold still for pictures. This is the 3rd month we haven't gotten them b/c he refuses to be photographed.


baileygp said...

What a stinker. I can't believe he won't let them take his picture. I'm glad you at least got measurements. I didn't get anything. Stay positive. This HAS to end soon! Oh....Happy Birthday!

BMA said...

So, he's feisty - another Seth-Carley trait. High forehead- check. Dimples when he smiles - check. Lazy left eye - check. Likes to make people wait on him - check. Yup. He's definitely ours.

Andrea said...

I'm sorry, I know how important pictures are when you are waiting.

One question - can't they just take the photo while they are weighing/measuring him. Surely you need to be more still for that than for a photo?

Hope you get that photo soon - better yet, approval to travel!