Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's my birthday!

Ok, technically, I'm posting a bit early. TOMORROW is my birthday. I'm taking the day off (ok, MOST OF THE DAY OFF), and RELAXING with my dear friend Kathryn. It's a bitter-sweet sort of thing, I think. I had SOOOO hoped that we'd have our darling little boy by now, and I enter my 30 - something year without any children... Also, Minute turns 11 months old tomorrow. We feel no closer to him that we were a month ago... but, last year a sea-change in my attitude and out-look on life occurred, and for better or for worse, I'm a "new" person. I expect this to be a kick-ass year, in fact. With the attitude adjustment, a new lease on life, and (drum roll please) a PROMOTION at work (yippy!! more on this later. I fully believe I have my friend Jenny Anne to thank for this, but I'll tell THAT story another day soon)... and certianly, my little Minute HAS to come soon, so I will become a mother to a beautiful baby boy.

I'm not to the point that I dread birthday's yet...although I know that day is coming soon, but hey, at least if you keep having them, know you are still alive and kickin'!!

(wow, just re-read this post. It's all OVER THE PLACE! Sorry!! It's late, and I'm tired!!)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!! Be good to yourself :)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day you deserve some special time

Jenny said...

Happy B-day!!!!

wishing they figure the bull shit out soo soon. we need him home. the girls need a boyfriend!!!