Sunday, May 11, 2008

just a fact or two* - and Happy Mothers Day

I haven't heard anything about the meeting yesterday. Not anything on any of my chat-boards... but I do hope to hear something tomorrow. I'll post what I can when I hear something worth sharing. What I did run across today is this, in the ENTIRE realm of international adoption, I managed to get stuck in the smallest, and most painful group out there right now:

"24 families from 4 agencies that have received the blocked letters"

That's right. Only 24 families (and about 28 babies) are in this awful waiting-paperwork-snafu BS. What were the odds WE were so fortunate to be chosen to have our son STUCK in this crap?! Well, about 1 in 200... However, as I look at his picture I can not help put think that if we weren't still waiting for him, then it would mean that we were never matched with him, and he wouldn't be my son.

(see I'm TRYING to remain positive on this loneliest of all lonely Mothers' Days...).

* Someone commented that it's closer to 80 families...which makes a BUNCH of babies and families in this... either way, the odds still STINK, and we ALL want our babies home.


Anonymous said...


There are WAY more than 24 families and four agencies. There are more like 70-80 families that have received that letter, and I don't know how many agencies!

Feel free to email me at for more info.

Judas said...

Happy Mother's Day! Been thinking of you and your little man a lot lately. I can't wait to start feeding my nephew chocolate and caffeine just before I leave for home. ;)