Friday, May 09, 2008

One year - a retrospective of sorts

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Well, It's been one full year since DH and I agreed to start a second adoption. Dh was VERY hesitant; the pain of the China adoption, the COST of a second adoption, the general F-ed up state of international adoption in general... but he agreed. And with in days, I had our application done and sent out to our agency. They told us it would take about 9 months. Possibly as long a 12, but not more. And really, although our referral came earlier than we expected (happy day!), and our travel has been delayed, one year isn't really that bad. As my Big Mama reminded me; most people STILL have to wait 9 months. We've been waiting 8 "official" months, so hey, not too bad, really. However, most of those ladies only waiting 9 months have an END DATE. Babies just don't stay in there past 9 months!! With us, well, there is no end in sight, although I am hopeful that I will get to bring the Minute home soon.

It's been a good year, all in all. One of my dear friends got married, we've settled into our no-longer-new-to-us house and we STILL LOVE IT, we've made new friends and re-connected with some old ones, my Mom "retired", I finally settled into a job I A-B-S-L-U-T-E-L-Y love. Another set of close and wonderful friends became proud and sudden parents to a 4 day old son...Tod completed his yoga training and we traveled to and fell in love with New Orleans. I was asked to go to AUSTRALIA and speak...... But, you know what? All in all, it's been fairly quiet, and while there have been some VERY dark periods, it's still been a good year. I know this will be my last Mother's Day that I am without my little Minute...and THAT makes it all worth it.

Oh, and look at that cutie up there. Isn't he the most beautiful and HAPPY child you've ever seen?! Enjoy the picture this weekend. Anytime you forget why I'm still in this thing, or why you follow this snarky little blog, check out that picture. He is my STAR. My JOY. MY TRUEST LOVE. He's my little Minute!

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Susan & Matt said...

He is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully things move along soon for you.