Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Updates - a good read, but long

Ok, I was reminded by a dear friend today that I've been remiss in not posting lately. She sent me a wonderful email that really raised my spirits, AND reminded me that I need to catch you up on my life these days.

Ok, first things first:

Minute: No news. there. I said it. Now, with that said, I do have 2 things to add: 1) we have yet another conference call on Friday to give us an update. I expect to get no more information than I already have, but hey, we'll see, right? and 2) my boss is out of town (WAY out of town) on vaca for two weeks, and I'm in charge of the lab. If we are going to get the call, it WILL HAPPEN on my watch. So, fingers crossed!

Friends - BFF and others: My on-again-off-again BFF and I have been off lately , but not because of a falling out or anything, but b/c most of the time if I don't call her, I don't get called. However, we've both had a lot going on and I'm pretty ok with it these days. We do have a "date" tomorrow night, and it'll be the first time I've seen her in like 6 or 8 weeks. Sad, seeing as she lives less than a mile away from me now... but maybe the worm will turn soon. We shall see. We have been through a lot, so she gets a big-time pass. But i do get to missing her....

As for the other friends in my life, those who aren't my on-again-off-again BFF, I can not express how lucky I am. Even though I've been WAY out of touch lately, my friends (the REAL friends) haven't given up on me. Thank you!! Jen, Brooke, Nikki, Kathryn... y'all are ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Britta, KP, and Alyson (I know you lurk too!! drop me a line anytime!) you gals also just totally ROCK. Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes. I couldn't survive my life with out you, Gals!

Oh, and Phil. You are always awesome. And always my BFF who isn't on-again-off-again!

Work: I love love love work (WB aside, of course). Sick, isn't it? Most of you don't really know what I do, but you probably know that I 1) work with/on golf courses sometimes - and I'm even helping to BUILD a local course (which is a lot of fun MOST days) - this takes about 35-40 % of my time - and 2) I do scientific research - which is what I get paid the big bucks for and am ALWAYS working on something new. About 99% of my research is in plant stress physiology (for you lay-persons out there: when plants get stressed out, like under drought, or heat or cold conditions, or low nutrition, WHAT happens to them and WHY? That's what I do for a living! My specialty (and the whole reason I am going to Australia to speak) is heat stress in bentgrass putting greens. Yes, it does sound mighty specific. Yes, I am in a very small, very new field. But I LOVE it. In the golf world (ok, ANYWHERE), I'm a big nerd, but an important big nerd. And, because I have boobs, I am a important attractive big nerd. I work almost exclusively with men. And the guys around the lab, the fields, the courses, the conferences LOVE me. As Uncle Phil sez: come for the boobs, stay for the brains. Having grown up with boys, and having lived with boys for over 3 years recently, I am a hit on the course (not just for the boobs and brains), b/c I can talk sports, drop the f-bomb - when "appropriate" -, laugh at crude humor, and get dirty with the best of them. I'm not prissy, and I love wearing a ball-cap and boots to a site (and yes, Mom, I wear pants and a shirt too!). And I love it. It's a LOT of fun. I get treated like one of the guys, BUT I also never pay for my own meals and/or drinks, and I always get to ride up front in the truck.

Did I mention how much I love my job?

There are some down sides, of course. I work 50-60 hour weeks A LOT, and while the hours are generally pretty good, I work nearly every day. I do TRY to take Saturdays off about once or twice a month. But hey, it's rewarding, and it keeps my mind off the other CRAP in my life (read: the adoption bullshit).

Life in general: Over all, pretty good. I got my plane tix to Australia - first class ALL THE WAY, baby! Whoo-hoo! And, I have an admirer in Melborne who is DYING to meet me; so a two week trip might not be so long after all. (He's a hottie! more on this later if you are really good). Our spring project around The Manor is getting a chicken coop set up. I'm so excited!! We needed something positive to focus on, and I recently read Barbara Kingsolver's new book "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle". It really inspired me to do more "slow food" - although we buy almost all our veggies from a local organic growers co-op -, and while I grew up on a farm and loved it, my little Minute won't grow up on a farm, but I wanted Minute to get some sort of FEEL for where his food comes from too. So, I thought about it, and decided to get chickens. We're getting 4 heirloom variety laying hens - I can't remember what kinds they are, but I'll take pictures of them next week when we bring them home. We're putting the finishing touches on the coop this week. FUN!!

Hey, I really did have a few things to say. And most of it is positive. Not too bad. Stick around. It HAS to happen soon, folks!!


BMA said...

Is it just me, or do you seem to have a really good life? And as for the wait for Minh, while it is also distressing ME, remember that most moms wait at least 9 months for their bundles of joy to arrive. You may be no different.

Be strong, C-H.

(Note I considerately refrain
from defining C-H.)

Britta said...

CHICKENS!!! JD's got Americanas --the Easter Egg chicken. They lay blue/green eggs. Wow, just imagine how different the USA might be if just every third household had a backyard garden or soley bought local produce. You guys rock!

Sending kisses to the Minute Man!


Alyson said...
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Alyson said...

I have been labeled an official stalker!! How cool!! Although I know there are more dedicated stalkers out there!

But what makes me read your blog? It is because you write well (as all Earlhamites should), you are honest about everything (good and bad), and your journey to adopt shows what family values should be (and how our government undermines these values). Oh and I like your jokes and sarcasm!

I will drop you an email soon. Thanks for the nudge.