Friday, June 27, 2008

More info - barely

I was able to speak with our Asia programs director (MB) at our agency today. It was the best conversation I have had with her since our referral call. Everything was so positive, and since progress IS BEING MADE, it was just great. (Did I mention how wonderful it is to FINALLY have something positive to report?!!).

MB also said that MAR (the Gate-Keeper in HCMC) had attended a working session with some other important people in Vietnam, and that they came out of that meeting also thinking positive. MB had good things to say about MAR, and then of course, we immediately saw TAs come out, so I think that maybe the concerns MAR had about the hospital records etc. might have been (FINALLY) properly addressed. For this, we are grateful. If things are finally moving, that office must be buried under paperwork now, and with any luck, more TAs will keep coming!!

As for other waiting families, many of them received yet ANOTHER 30 day "update" letter from CIS yesterday. We, however, have NOT received that 30 day letter. But since we also haven't received our TA, I'm not sure what to think. Maybe it means we're next up for TA???

I finally have a plan in place for IF we get TA while I am scheduled to be in Australia. I'll post on that after I've spoken to my family about it.

Keep checking back, folks!! Good things are actually occurring!!


Jill said...

Hoping beyond hope for you!!!

Mindy said...

Wow, that sounds encouraging! I'm sending as much positive energy as can travel!

Anonymous said...


Sending BIG HUGS!!!