Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Updates - sort of - plus talk of Australia Hottie!

Life in general: I'm still here. I've been buried under work, as you can well imagine. I am feeling the absolute CRUSH of time these days with my Down Under trip coming up (I leave the 11th of July!!! I'm gone ALL of July, basically). I'm not done with my presentations (well, I only have one to finish, but it's the one I'm less comfortable with!), I have a ton of work, travel, and cleaning to do. Maybe some packing, laundry, and more packing?? Somewhere in there I have to get another paper done, a research program to run, two separate field programs I'm overseeing to keep running smoothly, oh, and there's that little thing that we've ALL BEEN WAITING FOR...somewhere in there HAS to be a trip to Vietnam. Although, frankly, I don't see when I'm going to have the time to shower, much less pack and prepare for a toddler coming home. That's right. Minute is no longer a baby. He's one year old next Monday...and he's not mine yet. Sigh.

Work: Always always good. My BFF Phil (who also works for me) is VERY excited b/c I just signed paperwork for a promotion (and a raise!). Theoretically, I also get my own office (with a filing cabinet!! Thank you, JT!), which means I won't be SHARING an office anymore. We ARE getting a new grad student, and she will take my old desk. It's a totally win-win for everyone. I have also been working on "playing well with others", so things are getting better.

Adoption: We got an email about NOID rumors today. I actually stay off ALL the chat sites these days so I hadn't even HEARD anything about this. The good news is, our agency tells us this rumor is totally 100% NOT TRUE. So, that's good. Tomorrow we have another conference call, as I mentioned. Again, I expect to hear NOTHING new, but hey, if we hear SOMETHING then I'll be surprised in a GOOD way, rather than disappointed yet again.

My Aussie Hottie: Ok, I've only mentioned this once, and only one or two of you even know about him. I have a - hee hee -"boyfriend" in Australia whom I am going to meet for the first time when I get over there. He's actually a friend of a friend, and I was put in touch with him when my friend over here (a work friend) heard I was traveling to Australia. It turned out that Hottie and I had a lot in common, and we've made a date for when I get to Melbourne. Actually, we made 3 dates, so I hope I like him!! He's my date to 3 of the fancy sponsored conference events, so it'll certainly be more fun WITH someone... and even MORE FUN if he's hot (which he certainly is). And before anyone gets all high-and-mighty, or any funny ideas, we are both happily married (he's got 2 kids), and while we obviously enjoy each other's sense of humor, I can't see shacking up with him for obvious reasons! Besides, the banter we have online is more like a sibling sort of thing. Lots of teasing and jokes. Still, I expect he'll take good care of me, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it. Besides, his dog is REALLY cute. I'll take pictures and let you all know how it goes! (Also, for the record, DH has been told of Hottie - DH just rolled his eyes and told me to "have fun, but not TOO much fun".). Sounds like the perfect advice.

Ok, I should get back to work.... will fill in on the rest another day!


BMA said...

I frankly get exhausted just hearing about your schedule. Whew.

Jill said...

Wow Wow Wow! I am so jealous sorta mainly about aussie! I love that WB is going to work for you and you get the office with the window (it's the little things ya know). I think your job sounds totally cool though.