Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bob's yer uncle

And indeed, things ARE fine. I'm amazingly multi-personalitied; one would think after the night I had last night I would be a mess, but I am doing well. I went to bed early last night with a migraine (ALWAYS pleasant), didn't sleep but in 5 minute increments and badly when I DID sleep...tossed, turned, and had bad dreams. HOWEVER, when I go out of bed I told myself I was going to have to adjust my attitude, and I was somehow able to do so. I dressed in my second nicest outfit (I wore my suit yesterday; today was another one, minus the jacket, but plus heels), and stood up and gave my second and final talk at 8:00 a.m. It went better than I had hoped, which is strange since I knew yesterday's material better and was nervous as hell yesterday, but today was a breeze. The only real downside is I was feeling better yesterday (from my cold), but today, probably due to lack of quality sleep, I feel worse. But, again, emotionally I am doing very well. I have my last date with my AH tonight (oh, the saga!!! I keep forgetting to go into this, but suffice to say we've actually seen very little of one another, and when I do see him, he ALWAYS brings a friend or TWO! His cheese & kisses is SERIOUS about him staying away from li'l ol' me!). And then I leave Melbourne tomorrow for Sydney, then on to Vietnam on Saturday (Friday for y'all). We meet Minh on Monday here, Sunday on your side of the world!!

I've still not seen a single marsupial, and am not liekly to. but I did go to the MCG yesterday. Vary famous cricket ground and learned a little about cricket. So very confusing!! More on this another time!! I'm off again!!


primus monkey said...

you could actually attend woodstock in the time it take for a cricket match to be played. do not waste precious brain power trying to figure out an absolutely recockulous sport. if it were a good and interesting game, it's would be here in america. it never ends and it is interminably dull. that being said, i still want a cricket bat. i would like home defense sticks from many nations and cultures.

Kathryn said...

congrats on being done!!!!!!!!! now you're off to mommyhood!!!