Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm here

So, I'm here. Aside from a minor melt-down this morning- I'll get back to this -, I'm doing OK. It's been one of those trips where everything LITTLE that could go wrong has seemed to, and by this morning, after VERY little sleep and very little food, I was so tired of it I sat down and had a little self-pity session. I walked off the airplane yesterday morning, into 10 bazillion singing and screaming "pilgrims" and took FOREVER to find my ride. I went directly to breky (with excellent coffee, TG) with my host here, and then spent about 1 hour at a bowling club learning how to "bowl". This is not the same as we have in the states, mind you. It's on greens, outside, with little black balls. The reason I spent so much time was this old OLD guy (see picture!) feel in love with me and wanted to show me around the club, and teach me how to bowl!! Paul (my host) kept trying to get us to leave, but the old guy ("Chief") wouldn't let us go. He insisted on showing off the club,

INCLUDING the mens' locker rooms!! Then, when we finally extracted ourselves, we headed to my hotel, where I was supposed to relax, but instead I worked on re-vamping my presentation for this week. Then, with no nap, I went to a work dinner, which was exhausting and I was the only female there, so I was popular AND very tired. (This is going somewhere I promise). So, Paul finally put me in a cab to come back to the hotel, and I got a really good cabbie who took me on a night tour of historic Sydney, including the famous opera house all lit up for the evening.... Finally got back to the hotel and crashed out. I woke up at a reasonable time this morning, and had a total breakdown. I was POSITIVE I was going to make a TOTAL fool of myself at these meetings, and that they would hate me. I started crying and freaking out. I was SOOOO ready to go home ON THE SPOT.

It did get better. I spent all morning on a cruise of Sydney Harbor. (You'll see a few shots in the above photos). I also had a few cuppas of good coffee (which actually REALLY improved the day!!). I got back to the hotel around 2 pm. Since then, I've firmed up my return flight plans (that's right. Until this afternoon, I had no idea how or when I was getting home!!), worked some, took a 3 mile run, and relaxed with a good book. Tomorrow I begin singing for my supper, so to speak. I have my first talk at 10:30 a.m. I AM STILL UBER FREAKED about this talk. Although not as stressed as I am about the one on Wednesday. That's not only at 7:30 in the morning, but it's also for the most exclusive golf club in Australia. Plus these guys really know their stuff. I hope to hell I know mine!!

So, I'll be back blogging soon. It's costing me a small fortune to get on here, so I'm trying to make it really count when I do!!

Oh, the pictures up above: In no real order, but I thought you'd enjoy them. So far, I've seen LOTS of buildings and not a single marsupial. Perhaps Wednesday I'll have time to go marsupial hunting.... stay tuned!


Jill said...

That is crazy bowling! I am sure your talk went great!

BMA said...

You've got what it takes to make the talks go well. It's in your genes. (and likely in your jeans) Just smile at them all and they will expect the best from you...and you will, no doubt, deliver! Thanks for the pix - we love seeing what you're seeing. Your "bowling" sounds/looks a lot like BOCHI ball (I am sure I spelled it wrong - it's Italian.)

old man in pic 4 said...

yeah i'm old. but my balls are huge!