Monday, July 21, 2008

Jill, I do have skype, but I left my head set at home...I need one right? I would love to chat. But I might just cry the whole time and you'd think I was a total Fruit Loop!! ;->

And y'all, thanks for the kind words. I really needed them today. I started crying at breakfast... so lame. Being sick just makes EVERYTHING worse. But I did get to talk to my Mom and I felt better. Of course, then I talked to DH and he (under duress) told me I lost another bird (the red one this time)... so now I'm sad again.... But, I think my spirits are lifting ever so slightly. I'm going to try to have fun and enjoy my self, even though all I can think of is Vietnam, and how close it is. Now, I f I can just get through this damn conference....

Ok, off I go. I'm storming the gates today. Wish me luck.

BTW - Every one is Australia is wonderful. Really, just everyone. How awful of me to be so sad and lonely with 2.5 million cute potty-mouthed boys at my disposal??!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey You!! LIVE IT UP!!! Party like the rock-star I KNOW YOU ARE!!
(except, maybe not so much wine :)

I'm sorry you're sick -- that's unfortunate. But you'll be in VN oh-so-soon with your little BUNDLE OF CUTENESS.

In the meantime, you're a world traveler, an internationally acclaimed professional, and you're "mixing" it up with the Aussies. Might as well enjoy it!

Besides, the closest I've ever come to a "mixer" is making a cake :)


ps -- its fun seeing your pictures!