Sunday, July 06, 2008

a little sad in my happy

Well, I think I am down to 5 chickens....I just sort of lost one almost out of the blue (she's not dead, but things aren't looking good). She was dingy yesterday, and then really lethargic last night when we put them up. Then all day today she barely moved... I have been by her side CONSTANTLY, petting her and giving her water, but I think she about ready to give up. We have a vet appointment scheduled tomorrow morning, and that was the soonest they could get us in, but I think that she isn't going to make it to the appointment. I'm very sad, esp. since she was my prettiest bird. the good news is I think it was not something like a virus, that could spread to the rest of my girls. I won't go into details why I think that, but trust me when I say this shouldn't be catching....

She's still breathing, but I can't sleep with her tonight to keep her spirits up. I just hope she can make it though the night. I'll give a bird update tomorrow, if you are interested check back in the afternoon sometime.

On a far more pleasant note: We are PACKING TO GO TO VIETNAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, I am also packing to go to Australia. The plan is I will leave my conference 2 days early (I'll have to get in all my quality time with Aussie Hottie BEFORE I have to leave so that I have lots of good stories to tell!!). Remember, I will have internet access the entire time we are gone, including Down Under, so I'll do my best to post regularly. I also have a digital camera as well as a video camera, so I can post all kinds of good stuff!!

Any tips from y'all about what I need to see while I'm in Sydney and Melborne???


Jill said...

What a trip! I can't wait to see photos from all of your trips but esp new ones of the min. man! Safe travels!

Kendra said...

Sorry to hear about your hen. For future reference, there is a really helpful forum where people can offer suggestions/tips for dealing with illness or injury to your chickens.

Congratulations again on your TA. Have fun packing for two such wonderful trips!