Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News (but not THAT news)

Ok, so I mentioned on here that many families who didn't get TAs last week received a new "update" from CIS. It was - I gather, since we didn't actually GET one - much like the one we received on May 21st. It went something like: "we are working on your case. there is nothing to report at this time. That's your update. Please leave us alone for another 30 days until we can give you another status report of equal value". Now, WE DID NOT receive this update. I thought MAYBE we were just going to get the update the next day...no. In fact, we didn't get ANY update. Curious, no? So, I posted on the TuDu families site, and found that only one other family did not receive this "update". That family sent CIS a note saying something to the effect of "hey, we didn't get an update, what gives?" (I'm clearly paraphrasing here!). SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I thought, what the hell. I'll send a similar note (mine was a little more elegant than the above paraphrased note, but then, I bet that family's note was also more elegant!!). I received this back today (very very quickly, I might add!):

Thank you for checking with us the status of your I-600 petition. Please be advised that either the CIS or US Embassy will contact you shortly to inform you the status of (The Minute).

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, WTF? Is this good???? I hesitate to say so, but I REALLY REALLY think it is. Honestly, i REALLY do. I expect that TA any damn day now. I think this means that our paperwork is moving along, and we've moved past the need for an update 'cause our next "update" will be our TA.

Ok, it's 11:00 a.m. Wednesday in HCMC. No word on travel for anyone yet....maybe later today? (In which case, I won't know, which means y'all won't know, until tomorrow - IF we hear that is!!)

This is getting exciting!!!!

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