Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Off to Hanoi for a week...

We leave tomorrow morning first thing (for us, last thing for y'all!) for Hanoi. Oddly enough, there is a perfectly good working US consulate here in HCMC, which ANY other American can use. Those of us annoying enough to have the NERVE to adopt from this country have to shlep up to Hanoi for our appointments (thanks to our US go'ment and esp. GW....%$#hole). As if our travels aren't arduous enough... Now we have to fly there, and wait wait wait for an appointment before we can come home.

We are ALL ready to go HOME. Even the Minute wasn't up for the city tonight. T wanted to go out for our first "family out" dinner here tonight. So he scouted a place that had a number of Vegetarian dishes on the menu, and they spoke pretty good english, so off we went. AS SOON AS WE GOT THERE, Minh had a Minhy-Meltdown. After ordering a TON of food, we decided that I would skip dinner and head back to the room with the critter. Tod stayed and ate it all by himself.

Oddly enough, when we got back to the room, my little frog turned back into a prince, and we had a great time hanging out playing on the bed. T came in an hour or so later annoyed, worn-out, and wet. He'd had some bad experiences today and this dinner (which was EXPENSIVE, even by US standards, and lousy by almost ANY standards) put him over the top. He and Minh crashed out about the same time - 8:00 pm. I'm supposed to be packing, but I can't seem to focus. I'm SOOOO worn out, myself, and while M is a trooper, he's teething so he does get fussy... mainly any time we leave the room... is that a Cancer thing? He loves his "home" and is really a joy (except those rare meltdowns with just me!!) almost all the time we are "in". He is shy when we go out, although he's warming up, but really isn't ready to be out much. He and I feel the same, frankly. We want to come home.

I have more pictures, of course. This kid sees the camera now and begins immediately hamming it up. It's crazy. I don't take pictures of him smiling; he smiles when the camera is pointed AT him.... Seriously. He was asleep earlier and I tried to snap a quick photo of him sleeping with T, but he actually woke up long enough to mug for the photo, and then POW - right back to sleep!! I kid you not!!

Ok, I'm off now to get some rest. I'm about a month behind on sleep...I guess I'll never catch up now, will I??


BMA said...

Hang tough, you are doing well. You may never return to VNM, so visit what/ where you can. Take many photos for your little man's scrap book of his early Life.

We're ALL eager for your return.

UP said...


and if you guys are feeding him ice cream for dinner, what's left for a treat when uncle phil takes him somewhere? he's still a bit young for rum and hookers.