Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ok, so 7 hours into the trip and....

You wouldn't believe all the crap I've already had to deal with. It's all been little stuff, but seriously, folks. Can't a girl (and new mom-to-be) catch a break? I'm sitting in Vancouver (after a 5 hour flight from toronto) on a very hard floor surrounded by no less than 10,000 teenage children and their zeal for some old white dude. That's right. The Pope will be in Sidney the same time I will be and there's some youth day going on to celebrate the old white dude (I mean this in the most respectful way....mostly). ANYWAY, TG I'm in first class. And BTW, first class is not yo' mama's first class. We all have our own pods. Like, I have this little seat unit thingy that actually moves back flat so I can sleep, and we are all separate from one-another by big partitions. And movies/tv/music/games all on demand the entire flight. Also all the alcohol I can stand... although I only had one glass of wine with dinner, and am trying to stay away from the booze. Jet lag will be bad enough w/out the booze-over!

I have already finished one book. Ha, and you laughed when I said I brought 6! At 5 hours for one book, I'm looking at roughly 3 more just before I get to Kangarooville! I might take some time off reading and day dream a little....And sleep!!! I wanted to stay awake for the first leg so I'd be ready to sleep on this last LONG leg.

Ok, well, I guess I'll jump off here. I'll be back sometime in the near future! (I don't even know what day it is, so I can't tell you WHEN I'll be back!!).


BMA said...

Don't think about how many books you'll have to read; Think about how much closer you are to Minh!! How many stuffed kangaroos will you buy for him?? Hope you have a bloody good time Down Under. And now it's
M minus 13. Long wait - coming to an end SOON! YAY!!!

Emily said...

hey nesha-
catching up on your blog and saw you got approval!!!!
cannot wait until minute man is home. he and lulu cam have a playdate. i am so happy for you. i know it has been a terrible wait.