Sunday, July 27, 2008

Picture from our first few hours

More pictures. Minh is already into reading. See, Pop? Minh likes Jack Reacher too!

Minh is a joy. I can not explain what an easy baby this child is. He shed a few tears when he first met us, but I think that's b/c the orphanage staff were fussing over his quite a bit. Once they left us to go, he calmed right down. He slept all the way to the Hotel, and woke up when we got to the room. We relaxed a bit just getting to know each other, and the first time I left his view he started to cry (such a faker!!), but I came back and he stopped right away. Now we are hanging out on our GIANT bed and playing with stuff. Minh loves the jacket to my new book (see photo!!) and he takes after all the men in my family - he LOVES the TV remote.

We just got our first smile. OMG - this kid is SO FREAKING ADORABLE. And just FYI - yes, he does still have that dimple!! Damn, he IS SOOO CUTE!!!

Oh, and we have 4 teeth, I think. 2 top and two bottom. And he was scooting around... I don't know if he crawls yet. We were told he has started to walk with help. We aren't pushing him; we are letting him sort of dictate how fast we do things. Right now, we are perfect. Just perfect.


Anne said...

Wow - we two are thrilled for you three - Mazeltov!
Have a great VN adventure, and come home safe and sound -
Love A&J in Cville

Mindy said...


Jill said...

Congratulations!! Good luck with the nakey bonding :)

Andrea said...

OMG - he is adorable!!!! And that dimple - what can I say? He is such a charmer. I'm so happy for you guys! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventure.