Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures, 'cause that's why you keep coming back!

As always for a bigger picture, click the picture.
More pictures. (BTW- the one of me in the grass is for the other turf lovers in my life...Minh wasn't sure how he felt about the grass, but I enjoyed it!)

Will post later when the baby is asleep. It is a real challenge to type when he LOVES the computer and hates me ON the computer.

I am working on one of those "they don't usually talk about this" posts, but I don't have time now to get into it. Other posts I have read by other a-moms have helped me immensely and I can FINALLY post one of my own... but later. Later.

Minh is teething, and while he is truly the charm and joy I have talked about, this morning was rough. He woke at 3:30 a.m. and wouldn't go back to sleep. T had to walk the baby around the city until 6. When T stopped walking/moving, Minute woke up. So, poor T is running on less sleep than I am, but he is as much a champ as the baby. T has been a real help and an honest pleasure to be parenting with.

Ok, back to my little bundle of new teeth...


BMA said...

Thank you so much for sharing your son. What a joy to be following your family's adventures in those awesome photos. Minh - a bit of advice: Learn to love the grass.

Jenny said...

that dimple kills me.

and the walking. mimi and cams would ONLY sleep when we walked for a while in vietnam. so keep it up. it may be teeth, it may be adjustment. just go with the flow. he needs you...YOU as his mama and dada. so good luck and xoxoxo---Jenny

Anonymous said...


:) Britta

amy said...

what a sweet face

Kathryn said...

adda boy, tod!!! i see he's breaking you guys in good-fashion. just perfect!