Saturday, July 19, 2008

Poking around Melbourne

Today I had the best intentions of producing promised photos of animals here. Didn't happen. It was good, though, the way it worked. I found myself just sort of wandering around the city, and I eventually ran into a line of people getting on a free city bus. I just hopped aboard and rode around sort of getting a feel for things. I eventually got off at this major covered market (see photo), and spent about an hour walking in what felt like circles in this market. There was crap of all kinds at this place, and I thought I was going in circles, but really, it was just line after line after line of the same crap. None-the-less it was good fun. I made my way to the botanical gardens, then at the last minute didn't get off the bus. By then I was tired and hungry so I was heading back to home-base for some food and a nap. I found this Asian cafe place called The Monkey Bar (see picture - esp. for Uncle Phil!!). That's where I got a rather boring but healthy bowl of noodles, potatoes, and beansprouts in coconut milk with curry leaves for lunch. My inclination was to head to a place I had already been, but where is the bloody adventure there, right? So, I did the "right thing" and ate at a new place... while the food was dull, I am still glad I tried something new.

Then I came back to my hotel, took a nap, and did some reading. I'm still really tired, and other than talking to my parents early this morning, and DH for 4 minutes this afternoon, I've spoken to not a soul I'm also lonely and bored. AH and I are supposed to have dinner, but we didn't actually set a time, and I am not sure when that's going to happen. He was just flying in from Sydney this evening, so he's probably still en route... either that or he's standing me up. Bugger.

Well, that's all for now. Just wanted to give y'all a brief update on my day, add a few quick photos, and maybe even shower before going back out. I hope to make it somewhere more interesting tomorrow... certainly the gardens. MAYBE even the zoo. I wasn't ready to tackle the tram system here today to make it to the zoo... hopefully I can con AH into taking me tomorrow. Then I'll have an excuse to snap some photos of the wild-life!

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