Thursday, July 10, 2008

T minus 12 hours and counting

G'day, mates - I leave at 1:30 tomorrow for parts unknown. Or at least, unknown to me. I can NOT wrap my brain around being gone from my home (and my dog, and my bed, and my chickens, friends, MY JOB, etc) for a full month. And when I get back, I will BE A MOM!!!!! OMG. I am SOOOO freaked out/happy/nervous/stressed/joyful.... I think I am feeling EVERY possible feeling ALL AT ONCE!

I think I am packed. I sure hope so, b/c my suitcase (for Australia) weighs 46 pounds. At the last second I unpacked the CUTEST pair of heels, but they were SOOOO impracticable. I think I am down to 5 pairs of shoes.... A difficult choice packing ONLY 5, but hey, I can always buy shoes there, right?!!!

Ok, so, I have a 22 hour flight; the longest leg is 15 hours. WTF am I going to do for that amount of time? Seriously. I had to UNpack two books (I have 6 packed, is that even enough??!!) due to weight, and I have one sudoku book and my ipod. Beyond that, seriously, I'm going to be counting the threads on the seat in front of me for something to do! Although, it's first class, so I should have movies (I guess everyone gets movies on these long flights), but more importantly, I'll have ALCOHOL. What more could a girl want? I guess I can day-dream about Aussie Hottie, and more importantly The Minute!!! Ah, well, when I get there, I'll check in with y'all and I'll let you KNOW what I did, how does THAT sound?

So, see y'all on the flip side!!!


Jenny said...

Safe travels Nesha, I will be thinking of you all month and dying for you to get to Viet Nam!!!

lot of love from us over here....Jenny, Mimi and Cams!

Jill said...

I can't wait! Read, drink and maybe if you drink enough you can sleep :)

Susan & Matt said...

Have a great trip. The long 15 hour one will give you practice for the China trip. I don't know how long Vietnam will be, but our China one was 18 hours non-stop. In a weird way it goes by quick.


Kathryn said...

see ya, mama!!

Jenny said...

Oh and please please please, call me when you are home...we want to meet the cuteness!!!!!

Andrea said...

What? First class? You will so be fine!