Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tired but doing well

I am SOOOOOO tired. I've been going non-stop today. I never had the chance to even eat lunch, and here it is dinner time already. I did my talk today; it went OK. Not as well as I would have liked, but everyone said it was good, so maybe I actually pulled it off. One more tomorrow, and then I'm checking out (at least my brain is!!) I barely made it through today knowing DH is already on his way to HCMC (he gets there Thursday, I think which confuses me since he left yesterday MY TIME and today is Wednesday...with tomorrow being Thursday here....). Anyway, poor DH sent me a few text messages from one of his stops yesterday to let me know he was doing well, but it was 12:30 a.m. here and I had JUST gotten to sleep knowing I'd have to get up early today, so I basically sent him a note back saying "stop texting me. I need my sleep". Not very nice, but WOW did I need the sleep. I'm ready to eat dinner and crash again.

Soon I leave for Vietnam. It's all I can think about now. I was doing fine for the first week...then I had my second melt-down...and yesterday and today have been OK. Now I can't even think about being here any more and am SOOO ready to meet my Minute. I've told a few people here about the adoption and everyone is so happy for me and keeps asking "are you ready to go yet? I can't believe you are here. Doesn't it just kill you?" I used to say no. But no, I'm changing my tune.

Not much energy for my dictionary now. HEre are a few just to tide you over:

frog & toad - road
furphy - a lie
googie - egg
hooroo - good bye


BMA said...

It must be tough trying to pull off 2 separate but equal roles: int'ly recognized professional and about-to -be-brand new mother. And to be 8000 miles from home. Whew. No wonder you melt into little puddles every now and again!! Keep going, you're doing great and you'll soon be in Nam with Minh's little brown hand grasping your fingers.

slightly malicious monkey said...

you're gonna be back here before you know it. hang in there skippy. bob's yer uncle is a great phrase. it's so hard to work in to a conversation when you're not planning a bank robbery or something though. that's why we're ging to start kidnapping one person every month once you get back. it'll be a good family activity.