Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Almost-time-to-go-home shopping

So, today we were all up at a reasonable hour (6:00 a.m. isn't as unreasonable as I once thought it was. Or rather, I've resigned myself to seeing 6:00 a.m. now...) and after breakfast, we were up and out for the morning. I did some last-days shopping. Again, aside from two other purchases, I have nothing to show for being here - well, other than the sinus infection and the Minute!! - BUT today, I got the last of my shopping done (I bought something for everyone in my lab, plus my girlfriends, and even something small for me). The shops I went to were really nice - I think anyway) and were handicrafts from the Hmong in North Vietnam. Since some of them READ my blog I won't tell what I got, but the gifts are really nice. And hand-made (which is obvious). I can't wait to give them out!!

The video doesn't have Minh in it, but it does give a little sense of the streets here. Now mind you, this is a side street, NOT a major street, but it does allow you to hear some of what we are experiencing. Photographs just don't capture this city well. I have more video, but they are difficult to load, so I posted this quick one for you to enjoy!!

Will post more pictures later!! For now, enjoy the video!!


BMA said...

Who would have thought that crossing a street could be such a harrowing experience?!

yoopie said...

change the scooters to pickup trucks and suv's and it's like driving in north carolina.