Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ha Long (LONG LONG) Bay Day

LONG LONG day, but very fun. In fact, T and I are BEAT and the Minute is kickin' butt and taking names. T and I are ready to hit the hay; M is just getting ready to party. Oy vey.

So, we drove into the country for about 3 hours (got some ok pictures from the van) and then made it to the coast. Got on a "junk boat" - I think they used to, and some still do, carry junk- ours was a nice boat, and we had it almost all to ourselves. We motored out into the bay, had a nice lunch on the boat, got to a cave, walked the cave, got back on the boat (very tired at this point), and motored back. Minh was pretty cool most of the trip. And it was a long day, but fun was had by all. Too tired to post more now. Just look at the pretty pictures.


BMA said...

The scenery pix are wonderful.How foreign it looks. But I must ask: Why does my grandson look DRUNK???

Drunkle phil said...

he was just channeling his uncle phil from last night. don't worry. we probably have some sort of shining type bond. that won't end badly will it?