Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hip Mamas and other misc.

Other than the annoying people who feel the need to attack me for my opinion on my own blog, I wanted to thank all of you out there who have thrown your support my way. In fact, I was lucky enough to have spent last night with one SUPER hip mama who spent time talking about the ins and outs of "mom-hood". She's a SAHM with an amazing attitude and I know she too faces difficulties with being in the position she is in. BUT no matter what, she always seems to have the greatest advice and is always a true joy to talk to. So, last night she brought her little one over, and Minute and Cutie Pie (that's K's baby boy), and we got to spend some good quality "Mom time" together. It was great to commiserate, but it was even better to see the two little ones together. They were just so cute and it was really really great to just hang out and talk about babies, and play-dates, and as we talked, I started to really feel like a "real" mom. Like, hey, I'm in a new club! Miss Kathryn, you are so wonderful. I value you and your friendship SO much. I very much look forward to our next play date!!

Then, today, I got another call from ANOTHER uber hip mama. She tells me that it took her a few months to adjust to Motherhood as well (and this hip mama popped her little one out herself!). She has a similar story to mine; she works full time, has 2 girls, and her husband is a SAHD. We talked about the way we both try to find "time for ourselves", but we also both acknowledged that while we find it hard, we really really enjoy being Moms. And we enjoy being working moms. Britta, THANK YOU THANK YOU for everything and ESPECIALLY for calling today. I really appreciate the conversation, the honesty, AND the continued friendship!

Now, onto another subject. The coolest thing happened to me today. Minute, for the whole of his time with us, has remained a "non-snuggler". In fact, at first (the first 2 weeks), he wouldn't hold onto to me or DH when we were holding him. M pretty much held his arms out straight away from our bodies. Then the same week we got home, M began to hold onto us.... now he holds on like a champ. To my hair, my lip, UP's chest hair,...other fleshy parts that get in his grasp. He's easier to hold now, b/c he helps hold on; it's great. I expected that was as good as it was going to get, but I had an extra treat coming!! Today we were playing in the driveway (don't ask), and I was sitting there, and Minute was playing with an empty box. Then, he just stopped, crawled over to me, and scrambled up into my lap and sort of hugged me. Then he just sat there. In my lap chatting. It was so AWESOME! He snuggled! And it was the best moment of my life to date.


Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING better than being a parent. As he grows, you will have joy and love beyond your imagination and little things will no longer matter. No one can tell you how to parent, it just sort of happens. Just remember to ALWAYS put him first and the rest will fall into place. Being a mom is the single handed most difficult job I have, but it is also the most rewarding. I wouldn't dream of being anything else.

BMA said...

How much you all have grown already!
You are as new to mom-hood as Minh is to being part of a caring, loving family. Together you will find your long as you let him lead (within reason...). Not always easy to do, but well worth the effort. Even I finally learned...with rather good results, if I say so myself.:) You, too, shall succeed and you, Tod and Minh will thrive.

uncle phil said...

OK folks. i've read just about enough. (WARNING: foul language ahead) the next person to come on here and spout off under anonymous can fuck right off! i don't give a shit who thinks nesh has a shitty attitude about what. go get bent. if i find you in the real world, i will show you what a shit attitude is.

you don't like what this family has to say on this blog, shut up before i come find you and fuck-start your head.

if i've been unclear feel free to email me personally. these people are good folks, so once again, fuck off!

Kathryn said...

bma said it best. keep doing what you're doing, and you're going to have more and more of those incredible moments like you had on this day. please do not hesitate to call - ever! sometimes i get stuck in baby land and forget there's an outside world, but remember i'm just up the road. looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

Anonymous said...

thats classy uncle phil.